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BBDO opens a new world for Walibi

With Walibi planning a complete facelift in the coming years, new attractions will be opened every year until 2023.

Each of them will be within a new theme zone. BBDO is responsible for this innovative project at brand level.

This year, Walibi will open the new Exotic World with the eye-catching Tiki-Waka as the new family funcoaster. Aqualibi has also been upgraded and expanded with a “Kiddie Bay”.

In a first phase, BBDO has prepared a teasing campaign to enthuse Belgians about the new attractions.

Campaign materials

The agency has developed compelling 3-D key visuals for both worlds that show off the attraction and the “world” in a highly detailed way. It can be examined for hours, and still new elements will be discovered each time ... but the viewer can only see it in a sneak preview through a W-shaped keyhole that constantly opens and closes. The W therefore becomes the gateway to the new worlds of Walibi.



Using this principle, outdoor posters, a 10-second TV commercial and one of 6-seconds for ‘social’ have been created. 


In the park itself, communication has also not been forgotten: placemats let children dig even deeper into the secrets of Tiki-Waka, and there’s a billboard at the exit when visitors leave the park.




1. Departure

All the way to Walibi

Walibi is also turning the Brussels-Wavre shuttle route into an attraction. In collaboration with TEC and Hungry Minds, the priority bus "Conforto 3" wisks commuters from Brussels to Wavre past any traffic jams and completes the journey in just 20 minutes in the morning.

To be continued

Walibi and BBDO are working on the brand campaign that will reveal more about Exotic World and the renewed Aqualibi. This can be expected from mid-May onwards.



Creative director Klaartje Galle
Creative team Gertjan De Smet & Frederik Clarysse
Account team Isabel Peeters, Lore Desmet & Sophie Glotz
Design lead Davy dooms
Design team Davy Dooms, Nadia Tweepenninckx & Gertjan De Smet
Strategic Planners Sofie Verstreken & Samuel Eggermont
Final Art Daniela Simons
DTP Tom Nackaerts, Lieven De Smet & Ilse De Goeyse
TV Producer Renée Vermeire
Editors Dejvi Vandeveire, Jasper Vanhauwaert & Neil Skeet
Third parties Hungry Minds, jekyllnhyde & The Sound House