Scheldestraat /
Rue de l’Escaut 122
1080 Brussels, Belgium

T. +32 2 421 22 00


BBDO is looking for a Webmaster to join the content team.

Someone structured, independent and smart, open to creativity and  - most importantly - loads of energy and motivation to work with almost 200 colleagues for the biggest brands in Belgium!

What this job expects from you

* You are the man / woman who maintains the websites of some of the largest brands in the Benelux, and oversees content.

* You are the watchdog of our customers' design guidelines.

* You are aware of all the latest trends and opportunities in design and code development. 


What we are looking for

* You live for HTML and CSS. And if you have experience with large-scale CMS platforms, you'll get extra brownie points.

* You can manage e-mails and can easily create e-mail templates yourself.

* You are able to do some of the smaller design tasks in Photoshop as well.

* A healthy dose of ambition is good.

* Your eye for detail is world famous (in Belgium), just like your resistance to stress.


What we can offer you:    * Challenging and inspiring clients   * The opportunity to grow your talent and skills   * An integrated communication environment built on the all-roundness of BBDO   * The internal education program BBDO Academy   * A fixed contract   * And a salary (yes, you’ll get paid) coming with a package of extralegal  advantages Apply now