Binge on these 5 marketing podcasts

There are lots of good podcast shows on marketing out there. To help you on your way, here are our 5 favourite go-to podcasts.

Binge on these 5 marketing podcasts Image source: Unsplash

Coffee: check.
To-do list: check.

You’re ready to kick off another productive day. But first there’s a little email that needs your attention. And then maybe a colleague wants to see you about a certain project. Four hours later, you’ve only completed one thing on your to-do list. Sound familiar?

This is how, every Friday night, there was one to-do that I hadn’t done, namely read up on all the latest trends in the world of digital marketing. Enter podcasts! Maybe you've listened to podcasts about true crime, fiction or politics?

Well, there are also lots of good shows on marketing out there. To help you on your way, here are my 5 favourite go-to podcasts.

1 . The marketing book podcast

In this weekly podcast, Douglas Burdett interviews an author of a best-selling book on modern marketing. It’s great to listen to the book’s most important insights and tips when you’re stuck in traffic, for example. And excellent to make you look smart during your 9 o’clock meeting! It’s also the perfect way to discover which books you really ought to be reading.

2. Marketing about Coffee

Podcasts, coffee and marketing, all in one! Marketing about Coffee, a podcast that airs every Thursday morning, and is recorded in a coffee bar. The result is an interview style that is very casual, like an informal conversation at the coffee machine. But this one is with marketing experts sharing their valuable tips and tricks. Refill, please!

3. Reply all

Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt describe their podcast Reply all as “a show about the internet”. No educational interviews with marketing gurus here: these top-notch storytellers bring you tech stories from a very human perspective. Definitely binge listening material therefore! From now on, you’ll be annoyed if your train isn’t delayed, as you’ll arrive before the show is done.

4. Marketing School

Are you one of the lucky few who live a mere 10 minutes from your office? No worries, there’s a marketing podcast for you too and this one is guaranteed to make your short commute more interesting: Marketing School. Every day they air a show of 10 minutes or less about the ins and outs of SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, ... The focus is on practical tips and tactics that you can use right away.

5. Without Fail

This show, just like "Reply all", is also produced by the podcasting company Gimlet Media. In Without Fail, Alex Blumberg, founder and CEO of Gimlet, interviews men and women about the decisions and risks they’ve taken and how these ended up contributing to their success or failure. It’s both entertaining and a good reminder that professional success always comes through trial and error.

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Written by Freya De Vriendt, Performance Marketing Director
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