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6 minutespublished on 16/09/2020

CB Awards 2020: BBDO, 100% Agency of the Year

This year, Creative Belgium awarded BBDO with 1 Grand Prix for Good, 6 Gold, 8 Silver, 6 Bronze, and the title of Agency of the Year.

4 minutespublished on 03/04/2020

Attribution modelling: which of your digital channels scores the goals?

Online behavior changes all the time. To make sense of your digital media channels, you have to analyze them continuously. Just like a football manager would do.

4 minutespublished on 27/03/2020

Why integrated agencies do smarter media planning and buying

Many advertisers still launch their digital campaigns through traditional media agencies. Much to their own loss: to integrate medium and message is to boost efficiency and impact.

6 minutespublished on 19/03/2020

How to communicate in COVID-19 times: a checklist

How to communicate in COVID-19 times? We compiled this checklist based on the many COVID-19 conversations we had with our clients. Feel free to use it.

8 minutespublished on 23/01/2020

Is there a future for podcasting in advertising?

Most marketing managers don’t think the world of podcasts, yet. And yes, that's a shame.

3 minutespublished on 23/01/2020

This is why your brand deserves excellent content

Some things you better leave to professionals. To specialists. To experts. And that's no different for content and copy.