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BBDO and Euromelanoma distribute Skin Memories patches nationwide

Last year, Euromelanoma and BBDO launched “Skin Memories”.

A reusable patch that uses Facebook’s “Memories” feature as a tool to remeasure and compare skin marks year after year. The evolution of a skin mark is, after all, the most important factors in determining whether it poses a threat.

The first 100 000 patches were distributed in 2017, through Pharmacies in Flanders. Today, new skin memories patches are distributed all across the nation. Making Skin Memories a tool that is accessible for every Belgian.

Please get your own patch at your local Pharmacy.

Case movie


Creative strategy Klaartje Galle
Creative director Klaartje Galle, Sébastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Creative team Frederik Clarysse, Gertjan Desmet, Toon Vanpoucke, Morgane Choppinet
Account team Isabel Peeters, Evelyn Savels, Juliette Dugardyn, Lore Desmet & Axelle Cannaert
Social Kim Leunen, Britt De Valck
Videographer Jasper Heldenbergh
Editing Director Jasper Vanhauwaert
Photography Daniela Simons