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BBDO and Proximus play eeny, meeny, miny, moe

How on earth do you choose between three great gifts?

For the end-of-year period, Proximus offers all new Tuttimus clients a choice of one of three great gifts: a smart TV, a game console or a pair of smart speakers. And all at the same price. But how on earth do you make such a choice? HOW, for heaven’s sake?!

BBDO found the answer in childhood, and confirmed that the nursery rhyme “Eeny meeny miny moe” is still a great solution when faced with a difficult choice. The campaign, using a classic punk soundtrack, airs on TV, radio, cinema, posters and social media.


Strategic Planning Sofie Verstreken & Samuel Eggermont
Creative director Jan Dejonghe
Creative team Gaëtan Gomez Garcia & Gregory Verheyleweghen
Copywriter NL Jan Schraeyen
Chief Commercial Director Kristof Persoons
Account handling Audrey Semal & Melissa Fastenaekels
RTV Production Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Editor Valentin Taminiau
Third parties Son House