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An Invitation to Innovation

How can we invite Belgium’s leading marketeers to BBDO Connect?

Our client gave us a call.

In 2014, BBDO and Microsoft joined forces for BBDO Connect: a series of three innovative seminars to inspire Belgian marketeers. The aim: show them how to embrace new technologies in their marketing strategies so they can keep pace with consumers and prospects.

So we made this happen.

Our thought: if marketeers don’t use these new technologies, it’s probably because their outdated marketing books don’t mention them. So what’s the use of keeping those books?

You might as well tear them apart. And that’s exactly what we did! We tore 2.000 pages out of old marketing books to print our invitation on. ‘Remember what you should forget. Your future sales are not in this book. Consumers are way ahead. It’s time to catch up’, it stated. We made clear it was time to sign up for BBDO Connect.


And this was the result.

We won bronze at the International Echo Awards in San Diego, the number one award in direct marketing.

Our disruptive direct mailing gathered 45% more response than the last invitation (15 %).


Concept Klaartje Galle & Régine Smetz
Account handling Sarah Van Praag, Bart De Leeuw
Video production Sander Vandenbroucke & Jasper Heldenbergh