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BBDO & Fluvius, now that’s smooth!

Discover our most fluent launch campaign so far.

Eandis and Infrax, the two large companies that were responsible for the distribution of gas and electricity in different parts of Flanders have merged. From now on, the new entity will be called Fluvius. This is the Latin word for “river” or “stream”.

The merger between the two grid operators actually took effect from 1 July last year. But in the streets and for customers, the old names have remained in use for the past few months, while the new company readied itself behind the scenes.

This phase is now over and the new Fluvius has been launched with a new website, a single unified customer service and a new visual identity with a handwritten logo for all media.

In order to help Fluvius quickly build brand awareness and demonstrate the added value for its customers, BBDO has developed a launch campaign. Based on very smooth stories - on TV, radio, social and DM - the campaign illustrates how effortlessly Fluvius brings electricity and natural gas to the consumer.

“Tot bij u” is also the new baseline for Fluvius. This is a promise that has been quickly turned into reality, as the “Fluvius-tot-bij-u-tour” will travel throughout Flanders in the coming year to meet customers in large and smaller events. Visit to see where and when the tour will be in your neighbourhood.


Brand Consultant Barbara De Laet
Anne Le Page
Creative director Klaartje Galle
Creative team Sarah Huysmans & Jasper Verleije

Social Maxime Andrien
DesignFrank Schouwaerts
RTV Production
Patricia Van De Kerckhove & Nicolas Van Poeck
Video Editor
Jasper Vanhauwaert