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BBDO goes all-in for Ethias

Get all-into this chaotic 30” commercial

With Ethias Assistance, your car as well as your family are covered during your vacation. That’s good news, because when you’re in bad luck on holidays, Murphy's Law has the tendency to kick in. Whatever goes wrong, one phone call to Ethias Assistance is enough to get you right back into holiday mode. To illustrate this, BBDO made a tv commercial in which the typical Ethias figures are having a tough time. During their road trip, not only their car breaks down, but they themselves don’t get spared either.

Bad luck is all-in. Fortunately, Ethias is too.



Creative Director Arnaud Pitz & Sebastien De Valck
Creative Team Sarah Huysmans & Jasper Verleije
Strategy Wouter Van Den Herrewegen
RTV Producer Nicolas Van Poeck
Account Team Emmy Haegeman, Ilse Plas, Françoise De Greef, Julie Vanderstichele & Catherine De Block
Third Parties Creative Consipiracy & Raygun