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Rebranding the most widely listened-to radio station in French-speaking Belgium.

Bel RTL, the most widely listened-to generalist radio station in French-speaking Belgium, saw the market leadership being snapped up by Vivacité and Nostalgie. Wave after wave, the station was confronted with decreasing CIM figures. Think BBDO designed a new positioning that would not only connect with its core target group, but also take into account older and younger generations — a brand that would appeal to all generations. BBDO Design translated this vision to a new baseline 'Vos meilleurs moments’ a new tone-of-voice full of life, wit and humour, a new logo and a bold new visual identity where colour and language are key.

Bel RTL 'Vos meilleurs moments’



Brand Consultants Barbara De Laet
Copy Vincent de Roose
Design Eric Leurquin