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Champion's Rain Hunters

How to convince everyone that Champion wipers are the very best?

Our client gave us a call.

Champion suffered from an old-fashioned image. A repositioning and a younger, cooler persona were needed to refresh the brand identity and become top of mind with distributors and installers. At the same time Champion wanted to launch its new range of wipers and get the attention of retailers.


So we made this happen.

Champion loves rain. And to prove that, we created ‘Eric, the Rain Hunter’ and sent him to Bergen, Norway, the wettest place in Europe. For 5 days, he tested Champion wipers and, to add some fun, collected as much rain as possible in a tailor-made Mustang convertible with a built-in watertank. Eric challenged everyone to become a Rain Hunter themselves in an online contest. The best Rain Hunters won a cruise in Norway, a trip to Bergen or a retail pack of wipers.

Rain Hunters

And this was the result.

More than 40 % of the target group clicked through to the site and over 400 subscribed for this adventure. Promotions by e-mail had a significantly high open rate. And we gained more than 8,000 extra fans on Facebook!


Strategy Jan Van Brakel
Concept Thierry Wiebking & Bart Van Goethem
Creative director Sebastien De Valck
Account handling Elke De witte & Stefan Paesschesoone
Design Guillaume Janne
Digital production Wouter Has, Jonathan Pardon & Kris Van Herzeele
Video production Roxane Lemaire
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