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Alter Ethias

How to position an insurance company as a caring, closeby brand?

Our client gave us a call.

For an insurance brand like Ethias, it’s all about trust. But with only 40 offices, direct insurer Ethias isn’t as close by as the insurance brokers. This creates the perception of being less available and trustworthy. Ethias asked us to do something about this issue.

So we made this happen.

We decided to get closer to the Belgian population and introducing... Alter Ethias. A campaign in which we used real testimonials from real customers. Without losing the famous Ethias 3D Format.

Board Gunter
Nathalie Outdoor

And this was the result.

To be sure that everyone understood that the Ethias figures they now saw were genuine Ethias clients, we kicked-off the campaign with 2 Belgian celebrities: Gunter Lamoot and Nathalie Meskens, who are both Ethias clients. They came alive on TV, in outdoor, DM, Print and in banners and FB ads. We also gave people the opportunity to become an Ethias character on our website. By uploading their picture and due to facial recognition software they were automatically transformed into an Alter Ethias figure they could immediately share with their friends. The reaction was huge, especially for a campaign with no prize, except becoming an original Ethias character of course. Which is pretty cool. At least, that’s what 23 000 people thought…. And we’re still counting.


Strategy Wouter Van den Herrewegen
Concept Toon Van Poucke & Morgane Chopinet
Creative director Jan Dejonghe
Account handling Michaël Marchand & Françoise De Greef
Digital production Robin Carpels, Pieter Michels & Jeroen Bourgois
Radio production Nicolas Van Poeck
Video production Nicolas Van Poeck
Third parties Het Geluidshuis