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La William goes 100% digital to prove the universe wrong

La William. A brand built on authenticity and craftsmanship. But also, an innovative pioneer.

Your beloved ‘Andalouse’? It wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for La William, who launched it over 40 years ago.

To promote this delicious sauce with a maximum impact while respecting the budget, we addressed our client’s innovative spirit to go for a fully digital campaign.

Based on the universal statement that ‘hunger is the best sauce’, we created a social media campaign that highlights authenticity and craftsmanship, to prove the universe wrong!

So, make sure to have food and La William Andalouse close at hand when you’re done watching our mouthwatering Facebook videos and Instagram stories …

Because hunger is the best sauce … next to La William Andalouse.


Strategic Planning Samuel Eggermont, Jonas Helsen & Jan Van Brakel
Creative director Klaartje Galle
Art Direction, Copywriting & Design Jan Schraeyen, Davy Dooms, Dieter Vanhoof & Nicolas Van Gucht
Account handling Stephan Smets, Daniel Schots, Antoine Bouvy
Production Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Video editing & Sound Neil Skeet, Mathieu Schots
Third parties Gill Draps