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Lidl and BBDO get the best out of themselves with fresh

Because you don’t know what you could achieve.

The fresh food isle is still one of the battlegrounds on which Lidl beats its competitors. To convince our target audience that Lidl’s fresh products are the right choice for them, we started from an insight that gives everyone a good reason to eat fresh food. It’s a known fact that eating fresh makes you feel fitter, is good for your health and mind, makes you look better and can even boost your ‘happiness hormones’. In short: eating fresh food makes you a better person.

In this campaign for Lidl, we make clear to the consumer that you get the best out of yourself with fresh food by spreading a wide range of benefits you get out of fresh food throughout TV commercials, radio commercials, print ads, on Facebook, Instagram, other digital media and instore. The Lidl way.

TV commercials

Radio commercials


Creative director Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Creative team Michiel Baeten & Frédéric Delouvroy
Account team Isabel Peeters, Michelle Stas, Emilie Kino, Shi Qi Ji
Strategic planner Jan Van Brakel
Content strategist Jonas Helsen
Social production BBDO Productions
Production Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Video Editor Neil Skeet
Design Nadia Tweepenninckx
Final art Petra Saelens & Lieven De Smet
Third parties Sonicville, Hamlet & The Fridge