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Lidl and BBDO give you time for other stuff.

Imagine what you could do with more free time. Or even better: let us imagine it for you.

Anyone who’s ever walked into a supermarket has also stood in front of a row of shelves for 10 minutes trying to choose. Because it takes that long to compare enough labels and make your choice. After that, it’s time to lose another ten minutes in front of another row of shelves. That’s how you can easily lose a lot of time while you’re shopping, which you could spend doing nicer things.

But not at Lidl. Because a lot of smart choices have already been made before a product hits the shelves. For example, all the fish is sustainable, all the pork carries an animal welfare label, and many products have been marked as a smart choice by Test-Aankoop or selected as product of the year. So you don't need to compare any labels, and you get through your shopping list a lot more quickly.

To communicate this good news to the world, BBDO created a campaign which explains what you could do with all the time you’ve saved, the Lidl way.

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Creative directors Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Creative team Frédéric Delouvroy & Michiel Baeten
Account team Isabel Peeters, Michelle Stas, Isabelle Demuynck, Jolien Noppen & Evelyn Savels
Strategy Jan Van Brakel
Content Strategist Jonas Helsen
Social Content Producer Eva Jult
TV Producer Patricia Van De Kerckhove & Renée Vermeire
Video Editor Neil Skeet
Radio Producer Nicolas Van Poeck
Design Davy Dooms, Jorrit Michiels, Nadia Tweepenninckx, Joris Bochman & Jonathan Lichtfeld
Studio Petra Saelens, Tom Nackaerts, Daniela Simons & David Vanderbist
Third parties Hamlet, Nozon & Sonicville