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Lidl's Blend Test

Mixing fruit and vegetables with Tomorrowland music

How do you amplify a sponsorship and strengthen the Lidl brand?

Lidl is an official sponsor of the electronic music festival Tomorrowland. For 2015, Lidl wanted to give away free tickets that were part of the sponsorship deal. While amplifying the sponsorship in an impactful way towards young people. And at the same time strengthen the brand positioning of Lidl as a fresh discounter.

You make music by blending fruit and vegetables

We came up with an original way to connect with our target group. But kept loyal to our “fresh product” strategy. The sound of fresh fruit and vegetables was used to recreate 10 of the most popular dance and electro songs that the Tomorrowland-generation can connect with.

And give away the last duo tickets for Tomorrowland

All songs were turned into appealing music videos showing the fresh products of Lidl. We released a new fresh video clip every day – for two weeks. Everyone who recognized the song had a chance to win one of the lasts duo tickets for the festival.

“Tomorrowland tickets are hot. People tried anything to win.”. Matthias Kympers

Shazaming our songs? Nice try!

Tomorrowland tickets are hot: people tried anything to win. Like Shazaming one of our songs. Too bad: you received a “nice try” message and got directed to the nearest Lidl store. All 10 smoothies were available at the pop-up Lidl store at the festival. Every smoothie carried the name of the song. Traffic to the promotional game platform was generated through display, social, SEA and TVC. .

Result: significant sales lift + scoring better than market average

  • Significant year over year sales lift for the month for the fresh category – same period as previous Tomorrowland sponsorship period.
  • For the first time in more than 7 years, Lidl scores better than the market average on the “fresh” appearance aspect according to GfK.
  • 124.646 visits and 81.972 unique visitors – 6% of all youngsters in Belgium.
  • 35.808 answers.
  • 180.000 potential contacts at pop-up store.


Strategy Jan Van Brakel
Concept Frederic Zouag & Nicolas Gaspart
Creative director Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Account handling Isabel Peeters, Elke De Witte, Christelle Borms, Inge Wertelaers & Siham Zerkak
Digital Project Manager Jovi Verheyen
Content Strategist Kim Leunen
Online Development Jeroen De Pelsmaeker & Jonathan Pardon
Copywriting Michiel Baeten & Sarah Huysmans
Art Buying Thérèse Deru, Renée Vermeiren
Graphic Design Vincent De Boeck & Virginie Delaleu
RTV Production Nicolas Van Poeck & Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Third parties eSign, Caviar & Sonicville