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Manon Ruby, an explosion of taste

There’s a new Manon in town.

Next to the iconic Manon and the different Manon Cafés, Leonidas now comes with a brand new praline. In limited edition only.

Barry Callebaut recently invented ruby chocolate: a special pink chocolate made of ruby cocoa beans. In the hands of the Leonidas master-chocolatiers, it was bound to give something special. Today you can discover the Manon Ruby: its raspberry-buttercream filling and fruity ruby chocolate cover create an explosion of taste.

The visual illustrates that perfectly, as the Leonidas box opens with a pink chocolate explosion. In November, digital abribuses and posters will turn the country pink. And even social media will pinkify. So, in short: the Manon Ruby campaign is a tasty treat.

LEO8042144_Visual_RUBY_1000x750_NL[13] LEO8042144_Visual_RUBY_1000x750_FR[16]


Strategy Wouter Van den Herrewegen
Creative Director Arnaud Pitz
Art Direction Eric Leurquin
Copywriter Vincent De Roose
Account Team Caroline D’haens & Emmy Haegeman
Production Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Social Adnan Chehima & Ellen Potoms
Video Editing Valentin Taminiau
Third Parties Jekyll n’ Hyde