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Mercedes' Transportable Banner

Using a not so spacious medium to promote a very spacious car.

Transportable Banner

Our client gave us a call.

Mercedes wanted to promote their E-Class Estate via bannering. The E-Class Estate is the most spacious in its class. Bannering, however, doesn’t have much space to offer. So how use a not so spacious medium to promote a very spacious car?

So we made this happen.

We created the Transportable Banner. A banner showing the E-Class Estate, which is suddenly being ripped out of its framework by two guys and transported to the E-Class Estate parked right behind it. Finally the two guys store it nicely in the trunk of the E-Class Estate.

Transportable Banner Transportable Banner

And this was the result.

Our Transportable Banner came in four sizes (300 x 250, 728 x 90, 840 x 150, 995 x 123), appearing on websites which have a similar audience to that of Mercedes-Benz (De Standaard, De Morgen, HLN, Le Soir, Sporza, StuBru, Auto55, La DH…). Each size had a specific script because the transportable banner that goes in the car, has a shape and size according to the different banner sizes. So we had to come up with four different ways to fit it in the E-Class and make it appear as big as possible.

The Mercedes Transportable Banner clearly drew some attention: it got a staggering click-through rate of 7,8%.


Strategy Jan Van Brakel
Concept Sarah Huysmans
Creative director Jan Dejonghe
Account handling Valérie Bracke, Marleen Depreter & Bram Devidts
Digital production Ine Peers