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MyFamily counted on BBDO for a new campaign

Showing parents-to-be what MyFamily is all about.

The Flemish government is about to launch a new child allowance system. As from the 1st of January, ‘Groeipakket’ is the new name for the total of financial compensations every child and family receive. Every parent gets to choose the partner which will pay out their Groeipakket.

To install the Groeipakket ‘MyFamily’, Xerius asked BBDO for help. So we brought MyFamily to all Flemish parents-to-be with a TV commercial, short videos on social media and banners. The film shows a series of twins who, while growing up, count on each other at all times. These images, accompanied by strong lyrics, let the viewer feel what MyFamily is all about.


Creative Director Klaartje Galle
Copywriter Michiel Baeten
Art Director Frédéric Delouvroy
Account Team Daniel Schots, Antoine Bouvy, Françoise De Greef, Frédéric Haesendonck & Julie Vanderstichele
Strategic Planner Fons Van Dyck, Nina Vermaesen, Wouter Van den Herrewegen
TV ProducerRenée Vermeire
Video Editor Agency Neil Skeet, Dejvi Vandeveire
Content Strategist Jesse Donkor
Third Parties Sonhouse, Czar