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Number of visitors at hypermarket Carrefour increases spectacularly thanks to BBDO. Fake News or not?

In March, there is so much happening at Carrefour that some would say the promotions are ‘’Fake News’’. Is it true that there is actually a hypermarket to win?

The line “If it’s true, it’s at Carrefour” concludes each theme. Spend at least 40 euros or answer 3 questions of the online “Fake News or not’’ quiz and claim an aisle of the hypermarket. For example, you can win the fish aisle or textile aisle for free for one year.

The campaign started with a “Fake News or not activation” in a few train stations: “Tomorrow, free distribution of rabbits in your station”. The news seemed to be true, though the rabbits were actually made out of chocolate.

The activation didn’t go unnoticed thanks to Fake News bus shelter posters, Fake News e-mails, a Fake News newspaper, Fake News flyers and above all, a lot of Fake News customized social ads that were addressed to different target groups with promotions specifically for that audience. (Let’s hope Facebook doesn’t block them).

The campaign runs from the 13th of March until the 8th of April 2019.
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Dave Froidcoeur, Ophélie Content, Sophie Lerouge, David Kestermans
Jan Dejonghe
Creative Teams
Pierre Rousseau & Vincent De Roose // Ariane Floderer & Giles André // Vincent Abrams
Social creatives
Adnan Chechima, Ophélie Blockmans
Strategic Planner
Samuel Eggermont, Franky Willekens, Dirk Peremans

Account Team
Désirée Van den Eynde ,Lore Desmet, Sanah Walravens-Hjiyer, Daniel Schots, Axelle Cannaert
Christophe Malotaux, Elena Haniotakis
Karlien Fabré
TV Producer
Marlies Neudt, Leslie Verbist
Video editing
Dejvi Vandeveire, Jasper Vanhauwaert
Long copy
Martijn Beckers, Manu De Wit, Andy Vandeborne
Ilse Degoeyse
Eline Delboo