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Proximus brings customers even closer

Now also at festivals and abroad.

After the successful image commercials, “The Chinese number” and “I’m still alive”, Proximus and BBDO continue in the same vein. Again, we see people struggling to really say what they think. Within the creative concept, “what is said, what is meant”, there will be a new TV and radio campaign on air from 12 June.

After the emotional loading of the line “Always close,” it was time to offer some tangible proof and customer advantages. Proximus has strengthened its network, particularly at the festival venues. This benefit is highlighted in the TV spot ‘want to hit my hotspot’. Take a quick look at what the festivalgoer really means when he says it.

The second story in the campaign is about roaming. For also at Proximus additional roaming costs are eliminated. This means you can use your favourite apps for free and in an unlimited fashion when abroad. And that’s a better deal when compared to the other operators. In the spot we see how a grandmother still hasn’t quite got used to all the new possibilities.

TV Commercials


Strategy Sofie Verstreken
Creative director Jan Dejonghe, Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Copywriter Nicolas Van Gucht & Louise Cornet
Art Director Jonas Michiels
Account handling Nathalie Lemmer, Audrey semal & Aurélie Thollebeek
TV Production Renée Vermeiren & Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Radio Production Nicolas Van Poeck
Editor Neil Skeit
Third parties Cartel, Sonicville & Moxy