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Rebranding Kapaza

Kapaza is giving Belgium goosebumps with a brand new visual style and tone of voice

Kapaza is a site for free classifieds ads where you can buy just about anything. The fast-growing brand wants to encourage people to sell even more items on their website. Because anyone can make a sale. Kapaza wants as many people as possible to get the goosebumps you get when you actually make a sale.

BBDO is launching its first campaign for Kapaza: print, radio, banners and social media. Through each of these media we see and hear the new Kapaza universe. A universe presenting that indescribable sensation you get when you make a sale. That winning feeling of success and victory.

print-delphine.jpgprint-ad1.jpg print-jakob.jpgprint-ad2.jpeg

Kapaza’s slogan is the central message in the new positioning: ‘The way you feel when you make a deal’. The radio commercials talk about how you get goosebumps when you sell a car or sports gear. The print and outdoor ads, banners and social posts visualize that exact same wow feeling.



Strategy Michael D’hooge
Concept Gaetan Gomez Garcia & Gregory Verheyleweghen
Creative director Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Account handling Isabel Peeters, Lore Desmet, Axelle Cannaert & Lisa Decrick
Digital Project Manager Robin Carpels
Content Strategist Kim Leunen
Copywriting Michiel Baeten & Sarah Huysmans
Art Buying Thérèse Deru, Renée Vermeiren
Graphic Design Davy Dooms & Jonathan Lichtfeld
RTV Production Nicolas Van Poeck, Renée Vermeiren & Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Third parties Jekyll 'n’ hyde & Sonicville