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'That Moment When' by Pearle Opticiens

That moment when you recognise yourself in the new Pearle campaign...

...wouldn’t be a surprise, because with the new Pearle campaign, BBDO didn’t have to look too far. With hilarious, recognisable situations and a forehead-slapping (duh!) ending, it makes going to Pearle a no-brainer. That moment when you’re in the car wearing two pairs of glasses… That moment when all your e-mails seem to be shrieking at you…

Starting from a strong inbound project to get more people into the shop, ‘that moment when’ has now found its way onto TV, radio and social media. Just by seeing this campaign... you'll want to go to Pearle, duh. Or you check out their Facebook page, double duh.

TV Commercials

Radio Commercials


Strategy Michael D’hooge
Content Strategist Laura Deknock
Concept Jasper Verleije & Sarah Huysmans
Creative director Jan Dejonghe, Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Account handling Lieve Raymaekers, Anouck Dolphens & Magali Herssens
Social Creative Monica Monté
Inbound team Franky Willekens, Freya De Vriendt, Sophie Glotz & Lynn Goossens
RTV Production Nicolas Van Poeck, Renée Vermeiren & Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Animator Ben Billen
Third parties The Virus, Raygun & Moxy