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The Write Thing for Parkinson

How to create awareness for Parkinson’s and 1.200 hours worth of therapy

How do you campaign for better awareness of Parkinson’s disease?

The Flemish Parkinson’s association wanted to campaign for a better awareness of the underestimated Parkinson’s disease. Patients – 10% of the estimated 65.000 are under 50 – have to cope with social consequences, such as job loss and isolation. On top of symptoms like the gradual loss of fine motor skills.


You combine it with a writing therapy that patients need

More than awareness, patients need therapy. Research shows writing on a daily basis slows down the loss of these skills. We combined an awareness campaign with a writing therapy. We invited people to send their personal text messages to their loved ones via Forty patients handwrote those messages on a beautiful card.

And create a high impact in thousands of letterboxes

On the back of the card the patients signed a powerful call to action that made people aware of Parkinson’s consequences: help us with our writing therapy and send a card too. That way we activated receivers to become senders in return. The postcards created a high impact in thousands of letterboxes.


Result: more than 1.200 hours worth of therapy for the PD patients

  • More than 1.200 hours worth of therapy for the PD patients.
  • 2.916.444 Flemish people reached in two weeks time and made more aware of Parkinson's disease.
  • More awareness on Facebook through 288.875 impressions and on Instagram through 625.000 impressions, thanks to the support of many Flemish celebrities.
  • More than € 300.000 in earned media: through Instagram, Facebook, press content, radio & TV.
  • 16.975 visitors of the online/mobile platform got an even better understanding of Parkinson's disease.


Strategy Tom Vingerhoets
Concept Klaartje Galle, Régine Smetz & Maarten Renders
Creative director Jan Dejonghe, Sebastien De Valck & Arnaud Pitz
Account handling Carl Van Den Hove
Digital Project Manager Filip Gezel
Development Dreams & Creations
Social Team Stefan Ceunen, Ellen Potoms & Laura Van Roey
Design Eric Leurquin & Vincent De Boeck
Studio Lut Van Lombeek & Lieven De Smet
Print Production Sofie Verschaeren & Thérèse Deru
RTV Production Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Video Team Neil Skeet, Sander Vandenbroucke, Gedeon Depauw
Third parties Polyprint & Caviar