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Rue de l’Escaut 122
1080 Brussels, Belgium

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White cinema

Cinema reimagined. Branding a whole new cinema experience in Brussels.

In a city and country dominated by Kinepolis and UGC, it would take a brave cinema operator to dare to open a brand new multiplex in Brussels. Except White Cinema is not owned by a traditional cinema operator, but by distributor Belga Films. Belga Films (°1937) is a 100% Belgian independent distribution company and the leading independent film distributor in the Benelux.


‘Cinema reimagined’ is Cinema reinvigorated. White Cinema is a unique architectural concept, offers cutting edge audio and visual technology, comfortable spacious seating, no advertising and no interruptions, no popcorn, no nachos … but healthy, fresh food and drinks offered in glasses, not paper cups. We defined the brand strategy, wrote the name, voice and baseline, developed a moving logo and visual identity, signage system, launch campaign and motion reel.

White Cinema 'Cinema reimagined'





Account Team
Daniel Schots, Sanah Walravens-Hjiyer
Design Director
Eric Leurquin
Creative Director
Arnaud Pitz
Graphic Design
Nadia Tweepenninckx & Jorrit Michiels
David Vanderbist
Nicolas Van Poeck
Ben Billen
Third Parties