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We take social media seriously, like you do.
‘We’ means a core team of experts in social account management, social strategy and social creativity.

Our challenge? Fueling your brand essence with a compelling social spirit: addressing the right target groups via the right channels, with the right tone of voice, style guide and content buckets. Social effect guaranteed.

“Social media at BBDO delivers effectiveness beyond 👍 and ❤️”. Robin Carpels

Social in action
Starting from a big idea and a small budget, we dedicated ourselves to achieve great results. To spread awareness for the new TV series ‘Stalker’ among online influencers, we used the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ functionality of LinkedIn.

We created a LinkedIn-profile for Stalker and filled it with broadcast info, an exclusive trailer and some original details. ‘Stalker’ viewed about 12,000 other LinkedIn profiles. All those victims got a notification that a certain ‘Stalker’ had looked at their profile. 63% got curious and viewed Stalker’s profile in return.

Results: Even without having a Twitter account, ‘Stalker’ collected around 27,600 Twitter impressions as earned media.

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