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Social Content Producer

BBDO is looking for a social content producer with experience and Dutch copywriting skills.

Someone social savvy and passionate about social and digital media. With a creative mind, a talent for organisation and planning and - most importantly - loads of energy and motivation to work for the biggest brands in Belgium!

What this job expects from you

Content Plan Creation: For your always-on clients, you create monthly content plans (calendars) with content ideas (for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). Aligned with our social strategy and the client’s briefing. You spice up these social media updates with the most on-brand, on-target catchy texts (or emoticons ;-) ). All in perfect Dutch and using the approved tone-of-voice.

Social Content Production: You brief your colleagues from design, DTP, online video, digital or translation to deliver the necessary content assets (designs, visuals, video’s, GIF’s, cinemagraphs, app’s, etc). Afterwards you validate their work, taking into account the approved style guide.

Social Media Advertising: You publish the content items on the various channels and support them with paid media. You take into account the approved media plan, budget and KPI’s. You are familiar with the most used social media tools (Power editor, Twitter ad tool, Facebook insights etc).

Conversation Management: You are responsible for the daily conversation management of your accounts. You are, of course, familiar with conversation management tools.

Social Reporting: You can report the results of your social content: reach, engagement, CTR, CPV, CPC, share-of-voice etc. You are familiar with basic social media reporting tools.

What we are looking for

Social Media Expertise: A true passion for social and digital media. At least two years of experience working in social media. Being able to understand a strategic plan for social media.

Creativity: Conceive original social content with thumb-stopping power. Understanding the restraints (technology, budget, legal) and seeing opportunities. Always exploring and testing new possibilities.

A talent for organisation: You love to juggle with various projects. You have a true talent for time and project management. Skilled in effective communication, an eye for detail, pro-active thinking.

Team spirit: You love to work in a team, to follow-up, co-create, inspire. With enough knowledge of French and English to communicate with your non-Dutch colleagues #workhardplayhard

What we can offer you:    * Challenging and inspiring clients   * The opportunity to grow your talent and skills   * An integrated communication environment built on the all-roundness of BBDO   * The internal education program BBDO Academy   * A fixed contract   * And a salary (yes, you’ll get paid) coming with a package of extralegal  advantages Apply now