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We create effectiveness.
That's the heart and soul of BBDO. Behind each of these three simple words, is a unique story. One that makes us #bbdoproud. We invite you to discover these stories, and find out how we create effectiveness for your brand.

Lidl and BBDO give you time for other stuff.

/ published on Thursday 12/10/2017

Imagine what you could do with more free time. Or even better: let us imagine it for you.

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An Invitation to Innovation

/ published on Wednesday 20/04/2016

How can we invite Belgium’s leading marketeers to BBDO Connect?

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Ethias stars in De Slimste Mens ter Wereld

/ published on Friday 19/10/2018

From now on, Ethias is to be called “The Smartest Insurer in the World”.

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Proximus customers can watch the Red Devils for free on their mobile phones and tablets

/ published on Tuesday 12/06/2018

During the World Cup, Proximus customers are more than ever #redtogether.

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Football or Father - Love Condom

/ published on Monday 07/11/2016

How do you get 8% more sales without a TV budget?

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BBDO soutient le cœur des femmes

/ published on Monday 28/05/2018

Les chiffres sont formels : la première cause de mortalité féminine en Belgique n’est pas celle que l’on croit.

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There’s always a Senseo® for you

/ published on Tuesday 14/02/2017

And all BBDO needs to prove it to you, is 10 seconds.

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BBDO and Q2 present: the Couch Dive

/ published on Friday 02/06/2017

To promote Q2’s new festival program ‘At The Festivals’, BBDO went for an epic dive into the couch.

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BBDO and Douwe Egberts keep life equally warm with aluminium capsules

/ published on Thursday 10/08/2017

It’s the little things that often make for the warmest moments.

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The Ecological Car Launch

/ published on Tuesday 19/04/2016

Paying for electric driving with ecocheques? Naturally!

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