BBDO and Lidl are here for everyone who counts. Also for Aldi.

When Lidl’s number one competitor had a stain on their OOH, we could not just stand there and watch.

Supermarket chain Aldi is proud of its bolognese sauce. And rightly so. It gets the ‘Best buy’ label according to Testaankoop, Belgium’s influential consumer organisation. Bravo! That's why Aldi is highlighting its sauce in a new OOH campaign. But oops ... with red sauce like that, your clothes are bound to get stained, and it shows on the posters. So Lidl decided to give its competitor a hand and offer a solution to remove the stain.

How? Simple. Lidl happens to have the best detergent on the market, also according to Testaankoop. Perfect for washing out tomato stains. Through a guerrilla campaign, Lidl hijacks Aldi's OOH posters with a playful but interesting message in the form of stickers. "Oops, a stain! Luckily, Formil White always gets your blouse clean". This generous solution was added on several posters in major cities in Belgium. Because Lidl is there for everyone who counts. Also for its cherished competitors. 


  • Client

    Lidl Belgium

  • Contacts

    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Elke De Vuyst
    Julie Vanderstichele
    Sam Borloo
    Julie Longerstay
    Naomi Domen
    Gaia-Maria De Badrihayé

  • Agency

    BBDO Belgium

  • Media Agency

    ZIGT Belgium

  • Account Team

    Ward Braeckevelt
    Laura De Clercq
    Axel Braeckevelt

  • Strategy

    Dirk Peremans

  • Creative Direction

    Marc Richard Vander Heyden
    Jesse Vanophalvens

  • Creation

    Marc Richard Vander Heyden
    Simon Van Backlé
    Thibault Jacobs

  • Copy FR

    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Print Producer

    Hans Bos

  • Design

    Gaël Fouquet

  • DTP

    Tom Nackaerts
    David Vanderbist

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • RTV Producer

    Eva Segers

  • Sound Production


  • Sound Engineer

    Mathieu Schots

  • Post Production Promo films


  • Editor

    Anton Ceuppens

  • Speciale dank aan

    Amandine Folie
    Ella Lievens
    Helena Van Lyl