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What we’re proud of

BBDO and Brussels Philharmonic hold the line

BBDO and Brussels Philharmonic launched a contest. But no one knew how to win...

For 100 years, Ethias raises the life expectancy of Belgians

The best way to reposition your brand? Make a statement. And prove it.

BBDO and Lidl make a good impression

Fresh produce needs a fresh campaign. And like every year, there’s humour on the menu.

Lidl and BBDO make your mouth water

Take a moment for this yummy radio campaign.

What we think

6 minutespublished on 23/05/2019

BBDO WORKS: this is how we got our creatives to talk data

Thanks to a new way of working even our creatives are talking data and business.

6 minutespublished on 07/05/2019

So your new website is live? Great! Now what?

You’ve just spent a whole lot of money on your new website. Now, monitor its performance with these free tools.

3 minutespublished on 30/04/2019

Fake news or not? 6 questions to ask yourself when reading statistics

More and more, we put our faith and believes in statistics. But beware: statistics cannot make precise what isn’t precise.

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