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Creativity that makes your business grow.

BBDO and TotalEnergies save you a serious cent in a lost moment

More than 1.2 million Belgians pay too much for their energy bill according to the federal energy regulator, CREG. That is why TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium, together with BBDO, AdSomeNoise and Wavemaker, is launching a brand new campaign.

Win For Life and BBDO on repeat. Again and again.

After 25 years on the market, the National Lottery is relaunching one of its most unique products: Win For Life. An expanded product range, a redesign of the different tickets and a new ‘Win For Life’-icon came to live in a 360° rebranding campaign.

Bank Van Breda deserves more BBDO

In 2023, Bank Van Breda was looking for a new communications partner. BBDO convinced them with a new brand positioning and creative concept 'U verdient meer’ / ‘Vous méritez plus’. This concept came to life in a first campaign wave in January 2024.

P&V and BBDO dive into a new adventure together

The world is digitizing at a rapid pace, and human contact is becoming rarer. This also applies to the insurance world. Chances that you get into contact with a human are getting smaller.


Lidl brings the market sensation to you in its freshest campaign for its fruit and vegetable range.

BBDO and Lidl are here for everyone who counts. Also for Aldi.

When Lidl’s number one competitor had a stain on their OOH, we could not just stand there and watch.

There are no words for Lidl’s own brands

"Hmmmm. Aaaaah. Ooooh... Whoaaaa!" It may sound like the beginning of a weird film, but it is the basis of our new campaign for Lidl.

Lidl pops the big question on radio

Lidl and BBDO offer consumers a shortcut to answer the most important question of the day.

Lidl and BBDO wake up your kids

The start of school can be challenging. But not with Lidl.

WOW, the things you're capable of with VDAB!

BBDO and VDAB want to show people that with the help of VDAB, they can turn their unique set of skills into a job.

Cars can get a second life, humans can't

To make the dangers of driving under influence as tangible as possible, BBDO and Jupiler created a new glass that forces beer lovers to face the facts.

Choosing 5th best? That’s just weird.

2022 was – among other things – the year in which Lidl was elected best supermarket of 2022 by Retailer Of The Year Belgium.

BBDO opens its eyes for Creative Belgium

Because diversity, equity, and inclusion matter, ACC, BAM, Creative Belgium, UBA and UMA set DE&I guidelines for our Belgian marketing and communication sector.

BBDO finds the rare bird for VDAB

With the right training and support, you can more easily uncover the ‘rare bird’ in every job seeker.

Decathlon The Breakaway, the first eCycling team for prisoners

In a maximum security prison in Oudenaarde (Belgium) Decathlon & BBDO launched “The Breakaway”, the first eCycling team for prisoners.

There are some emotions in the air

And some Douwe Egberts, but that’s kind of the same thing.

BBDO and Lidl launch an imperfect campaign

No one is perfect, so what? That’s the slogan of the newest Lidl campaign by BBDO.

Together, VDAB and BBDO create a TV adventure

On Monday 4 April, VTM will launch a brand new programme, ‘Blind Gesprongen’.

Lidl and BBDO celebrate Valentine’s Day doggy style

After the success of '7 venkels en frambozen’ with Willy Sommers in 2021, Lidl and BBDO decided to have another go at a musical tribute for Valentine’s Day.

BBDO and L'OR launch #CoffeEmotions

For every emotion you feel throughout the day, L'OR has the coffee that goes with it.

Lidl and BBDO create a campaign based on a wordplay that doesn’t work at all in English

Fortunately, this is Belgium, and we speak French and Dutch here. And the wordplay does seem to work in French and Dutch.

Lidl spins a fresh twist on classic fairytales

What if Snow White invited her evil stepmother to dinner? And what if they became best friends after eating tomate-crevette?

BBDO and Douwe Egberts invite fathers to be openhearted over a cup of coffee

BBDO and Douwe Egberts are launching a campaign in which, over a cup of coffee, the well-known coffee brand invites men to think about the role they want to play in their family.

BBDO wants to do what's right for Lampiris

Is an electric car good for the environment, or not at all? To use less energy, can I replace all my light bulbs with energy-saving ones, but leave them on all night in the children's room?

Jupiler and BBDO, “tous ensemble” behind our Red Devils

A defeat in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Euro 2020 postponed. Empty cafes and stadiums, due to the pandemic. The past months left their mark.

Libelle makes your Christmas unforgettable

Ahh, Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. Corona, schmorona: Libelle puts her best foot forward to make this year’s Christmas unforgettable.

Lidl’s latest campaign sounds horrible

A skull being crushed. Bones being broken. Intestines being removed. That’s what the radio campaign and online video sound like, at first listen.

Jupiler postpones your birthday

Your birthday is not lockdown compatible? Jupiler offers you to postpone it!

Lidl votes for fresh

During election time, politicians only want one thing: to make a good impression. Lidl decided to give them a Lidl hand.

Ethias mixes it up and moves forward

Through the eyes of a girl and a boy, Ethias shows that we have to get smarter about combining our vehicles.

A bright new campaign for Recupel

9 in 10 Belgians keep collecting their old lamps for recycling. So BBDO and Recupel keep on saying thanks.

Douwe Egberts and BBDO have something to share

Sometimes, it’s easier to find the courage to confide over a coffee.

Leffe and ‘Nationaal Debat National’ go international

Last summer, Leffe wanted to stimulate the debate. And they succeeded: the 'National Debate National' campaign went international and even made it to the covers of Wall Street Journal, Euronews and ZDF.

Jupiler aime aime la vie

The most important thing — if you love life? Not to put it in danger by drinking and driving.

Novartis together with Basic-Fit introduce the aBC challenge

The campaign aims to stimulate social contact among women with aBC (Advanced Breast Cancer).

Lidl explains the value of fresh food

Because it’s worth way more than we think.

This summer, Jupiler & BBDO give you 5 cl extra

The tastiest news of this summer comes from Jupiler. The Belgian beer brand came up with a remarkable increase: when you order a 25 cl glass in a bar, you’ll get an extra 5 cl for free.

At Walibi, even the little ones are big enough

Walibi Belgium has mainly attracted teenagers and adults looking for thrills. Time to do something special for the little ones: not one but two new rides have opened the doors!

BBDO and Brussels Philharmonic hold the line

BBDO and Brussels Philharmonic launched a contest. But no one knew how to win...

For 100 years, Ethias raises the life expectancy of Belgians

The best way to reposition your brand? Make a statement. And prove it.

BBDO and Lidl make a good impression

Fresh produce needs a fresh campaign. And like every year, there’s humour on the menu.

Lidl and BBDO make your mouth water

Take a moment for this yummy radio campaign.

You don’t have to read this article. But if you want, you can.

The last big BBDO campaign for Proximus is out there! It’s a multimedia campaign for Epic Combo, the new Proximus pack for at home and on the go.

BBDO & Pearle repeat themselves

You know when you achieved particularly good results with your previous campaign, and moreover won an Effie ... well you do it again, duh!

Number of visitors at hypermarket Carrefour increases spectacularly thanks to BBDO. Fake News or not?

In March, there is so much happening at Carrefour that some would say the promotions are ‘’Fake News’’. Is it true that there is actually a hypermarket to win?

Lidl and BBDO keep the love fresh on Valentine’s Day

Lidl inspired the nation to show real emotion through a fresh emoji and keep the love fresh. How?

BBDO & Fluvius, now that’s smooth!

Discover our most fluent launch campaign so far.

A brand new Port of Antwerp!

A new direction calls for a brand new story and a brand new visual identity.

BBDO and Proximus play eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Our new Proximus campaign helps customers choose between three great gifts with a new Tuttimus subscription.

Walibi and BBDO fear the night

Walibi celebrates Halloween with the slogan "Enjoy the day... Fear the night".

Bonjour Belgiiiiiiiiiique !

Rebranding the most widely listened-to radio station in French-speaking Belgium.

Think BBDO stands by Solidaris

Solidaris and BBDO launch a new image-building campaign

Manon Ruby, an explosion of taste

There’s a new Manon in town. Next to the iconic Manon and the different Manon Cafés, Leonidas now comes with a brand new praline. In limited edition only.

Recupel and BBDO send out new batch of ‘light guys’ to thank Belgians

Recupel’s “light guys” are back, but not as you know them...

MyFamily counted on BBDO for a new campaign

Check out how we brought MyFamily to all Flemish parents-to-be.

Ethias stars in De Slimste Mens ter Wereld

From now on, Ethias is to be called “The Smartest Insurer in the World”.

La William goes 100% digital to prove the universe wrong

Based on the universal statement that ‘hunger is the best sauce’, we created a 100% digital campaign

Fluvius branding

On July 1st 2018, utility companies Eandis and Infrax merge together to form the brand new Fluvius. We helped them formulate their new brand essence and visual language

Don’t hide your migraine

BBDO and GSK organise the 6th Week of Migraine

smart drivers and BBDO thank “bad parkers”.

Parking ... it’s often a pain in the a**.

Lidl and BBDO pull an all-nighter during the study period

Lidl and BBDO pull an all-nighter during the study period. To give their latest fresh campaign an extra boost, Lidl helps students to get their diploma. How?

BBDO soutient le cœur des femmes

Les chiffres sont formels: les maladies cardiovasculaires tuent 7 fois plus de femmes que le cancer du sein.

BBDO and Euromelanoma distribute Skin Memories patches nationwide

Last year, Euromelanoma and BBDO launched “Skin Memories”.

Proximus customers can watch the Red Devils for free on their mobile phones and tablets

During the World Cup, Proximus customers are more than ever #redtogether. Proximus offers free data, from 30 minutes before the match until the final whistle.

Nowhere else with as much TV and therefore no one else as close as Proximus

In 2018, Proximus continues to show how they want to keep people ‘Always close’ and how their exclusive Tuttimus TV offer plays a leading role in doing this.

Spring starts with you and Libelle

We created a TVC that shows Libelle is so much more than just a magazine, and showcase all it’s other sources of inspiration.

Lidl and BBDO get the best out of themselves with fresh

Eating fresh food makes you a better person. We made this campaign to prove this, but also to promote Lidl's fresh offering.

BBDO inspires dreaming of Bellewaerde

Great moments become great memories. And for children, the most extraordinary moments often become the most extraordinary dreams.

BBDO opens a new world for Walibi

This year, Walibi will open the new Exotic World with the eye-catching Tiki-Waka as the new family funcoaster. BBDO has prepared a teasing campaign to enthuse Belgians about the new attractions.

The Write Thing for Parkinson

How do you create awareness for the underestimated Parkinson’s disease AND give patients the therapy they need?

Lidl and BBDO wish you unforgettable holidays

Lidl and BBDO wish you unforgettable holidays with a tribute to the real holiday experience.

Libelle and BBDO inspire in all possible ways

In true “more than a magazine” spirit, we went all out to inspire women during the Christmas period.

BBDO helps Studio 100 TV move to Proximus

The New Year starts with a bang! Studio 100 TV moves to Proximus TV. The arrival of this children’s channel is a charming gift for the customers of Proximus TV.

Love at first sight

A romantic love story to the tunes of Umberto Tozzi

There is always room for a smart

Parking... it’s often a pain in the a**. Belgians spend an inordinate amount of time looking for parking spots. If you drive a smart, that's no longer a problem

Scarlet and BBDO ask you: why are you paying more?

So you think that if you pay more, things will be better? Tune in to our campaign to discover that's not true

White cinema

‘Cinema reimagined’ is Cinema reinvigorated. How we branded a whole new cinema experience.

Lidl XXL: a heavy promotion

Have a listen, then have a valium.

Lidl and BBDO give you time for other stuff.

Imagine what you could do with more free time. Or even better: let us imagine it for you.

Decathlon goes extremely low

A radio campaign that reminds people of just how low the prices at Decathlon are.

BBDO and Douwe Egberts keep life equally warm with aluminium capsules

It’s the little things that often make for the warmest moments. Even with the new aluminium capsules, you’ll find the same warmth you already know so well.

BBDO and Proximus are getting even closer to you. This time with Tuttimus

Two new tv commercials to illustrate the difference between 'what we type' and 'what we say'. Always close

'That Moment When' by Pearle Opticiens

A brand new image campaign with a strong focus on recognisable day to day situations and inbound mechanics.

BBDO won’t compete with other agencies

This horrible campaign to promote the renewed BTOB Awards appeared in print, Vespasius displays and banners.

BBDO and Q2 present: the Couch Dive

To promote Q2’s new festival program ‘At The Festivals’, BBDO went for an epic dive into the couch.

A new image for Vandemoortele, prepared with love by BBDO

In this new campaign for Vandemoortele, we show that when you welcome someone you love in your home, you'll want to make an extra effort.

BBDO goes all-in for Ethias

Bad luck is all-in. Fortunately, Ethias is too. We'll show you in this chaotic 30 second commercial

Proximus brings customers even closer

Two new tv commercials to illustrate the difference between 'what we type' and 'what we say'. Always close

BBDO goes to Peking for Q2

A new season of the much talked-about TV series - Peking Express - is the highlight of Q2’s springtime schedule.

Unpaid Bills

Unpaid bills, a campaign for JC Decaux

Belgian Mountains

Belgian Mountains, a campaign for the BOIC


Beerstorming is a micro brewery in Brussels. You're invited to start your own brewing project.

William Lawson’s Highlander Games

How do you position William Lawson’s as a brand that stands for full blown naked confidence?

Lidl's Blend Test

How do you strengthen the Lidl brand as a fresh discounter and amplify its sponsorship with Tomorrowland?

SD Worx - awareness & leads

How do you get HR managers to consider your brand and generate leads for your HR service company?

There’s always a Senseo® for you

How BBDO showed the world there is a vast offering of Senseo® pads and machines you can choose from.

Promoting Couple Sales to Singles

Pearle, promoting couple sales to singles

The National Cry for Help

The National Cry for Help, a campaign for the Child Poverty Fund

A stalker viewed your profile

VIER, stalker viewed your profile

Douwe Egberts, The third cup

Douwe Egberts, The third cup