Douwe Egberts, The third cup

Douwe Egberts, The third cup

Communicating emotion through a 30 second TV commercial

Our client gave us a call.

Douwe Egberts is a coffee blender since 1753, and well known in Belgian households. The brand is reinforcing its historic positioning as a caregiver brand. They focus on human warmth and 'bringing people together', which is the idea behind their baseline ‘There is some Douwe Egberts in the air’. Douwe Egberts is famous for its authenticity and for true modern-day family moments: elderly newlyweds, friends as the extended family etc.

So we made this happen.

The commercial tells the modern-day story of a divorced couple during ‘the exchange’, when mom drops off the children for another week with their father. The reunion is cautious, the newfound balance is fragile. Yet, the dad decides to invite in his ex wife for a cup of coffee. When he spots his ex’s new boyfriend outside, the tension rises. But through a nice cup of coffee, the father can turn around the situation.

By carrying out a tray with three cups instead of two, he symbolically shows his acceptance of this new situation. The emotional power and intensity of the moment are brought to life in a beautiful and intimate manner.

And this was the result.

The tv commercial resulted in more than 25.000 views on YouTube in only one week and was picked up by numerous blogs and news sites. Not bad if you consider the movie wasn’t intended to become a viral. The Third Cup was a popular topic on social media in Belgium. And the reactions were all warm and positive


  • Strategy

    Ann Peetermans

  • Concept

    Klaartje Galle
    Régine Smets

  • Creative director

    Arnaud Pitz

  • Account handling

    Muriel Douchain
    Laura Remory

  • Print production

    Julie Bosteels

  • Radio production

    Nicolas Van Poeck

  • Video production

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Third parties