Lidl votes for fresh

During election time, politicians only want one thing: to make a good impression. Lidl decided to give them a Lidl hand.

Thousands of election posters across the country had to help politicians to make good impression during the last Belgian election campaign. But for many of them, that is not enough . That is why Lidl helped them.

This campaign of the supermarket chain showed that fresh products always help to make a good impression. That is why Lidl 'enriched' some of the politicians' election posters with hands holding a tomato mozzarella salad , roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables, salmon on a bed of broccoli or a prime rib with Belgian potatoes.

This way, a hundred posters of candidates such as Kristof Calvo, Bruno Tobback, Theo Francken, Koen Geens, Charles Michel, Didier Reynders, Bart Somers, Walter De Donder, Darya Safai, Cédric Du Monceau and Paul Magnette made a much better impression.

The results were astonishing.
Despite all the prejudices against politicians, according to the polls, 100% of Belgians who were obliged, went to vote. So we could safely speak of a Fresh Sunday.


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