BBDO and Lidl make a good impression

Fresh produce needs a fresh campaign. And like every year, there’s humour on the menu.

A good first impression is always important, everybody knows that.
But what too few people realise, is that the quality of fresh Lidl products is always impressive?

To get this message across, BBDO and Lidl produced a TV and radio campaign rich in flavour.

The best thing to do, if we want to impress our in-laws, girlfriend or Tinder date? Serve them good, fresh Lidl products. And a crisp 30 sec commercial.


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Boudewijn van den Brand
    Jeroen Bal
    Ifke Nauwelaerts
    Lien Van Hoorebeke
    Julie Longerstay

  • CD

    Sebastien De Valck

  • Creatives

    Gregory Verheyleweghen
    Gaetan Gomez Garcia

  • Copy NL

    Jan Schraeyen

  • Account team

    Michelle Stas
    Melissa Fastenaekels
    Shi Qi Ji

  • Strategic planner

    Jan Van Brakel

  • Head of Production

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • TV producer & Art buyer

    Renée Vermeire

  • Video agency editor

    Neil Skeet

  • Radio production

    Nicolas Van Poeck
    Mathieu Schots
    BBDO Productions

  • TV production

    Fred De Loof

  • DOP

    David Dooms

  • Producers

    Thomas Hofman
    Jelle Robbeets

  • Post production

    Dominique Ruys