Douwe Egberts and BBDO have something to share

Sometimes, it’s easier to find the courage to confide over a coffee.

For a brand seeking to promote moments of warm, genuine interaction, it is important to determine how to stay relevant in a world where exchanges are increasingly digital. This is the challenge on which this commercial for Douwe Egberts, leader on the coffee market, was based.

An advert that tells the story of Sarah, a young woman caught off guard by her father, at the wrong time. Aware of having interrupted something and hoping to preserve the bond between them, the father decides to send a message to his daughter suggesting they all have a coffee together. A way for him to get in touch using a tool that his daughter is familiar with.

Will she have the courage to share her secret with him? Sometimes, it’s easier to find the courage to confide over a coffee. Douwe Egberts wants to encourage these sincere conversations through its communication. "Because we all have something to share."


  • Client

    Douwe Egberts

  • Contacts

    Vanessa Barba
    Oriana Servais
    Karen Van der Perre

  • CD

    Arnaud Pitz
    Sebastien De Valck

  • Creatives

    Louise Cornet
    Loup Delpierre

  • Account team

    Lieve Raymaekers
    Ward Braeckevelt

  • Strategy

    Wouter Van den Herrewegen

  • Production company

    BBDO Productions

  • TV Producers

    Renée Vermeire
    Marlies Neudt

  • Film production company


  • Producers

    Bert Brulez
    Cho Kuo
    Hervé Closset

  • Director

    Dr. Bowman

  • Sound production company

    BBDO Productions

  • Sound producer

    Nicholas Van Poeck

  • Sound engineer

    Mathieu Schots

  • Music production company


  • Social edits

    Valentin Taminiau

  • Post producers

    Eva Segers
    Leslie Verbist