A new image for Vandemoortele, prepared with love by BBDO

In this new campaign for Vandemoortele, we show that when you welcome someone you love in your home, you'll want to make an extra effort.

When you are in the kitchen, you can either take salad from a bag or wash a freshly picked lettuce. You can open a pot of mayonnaise or make one yourself. You can simply serve a meal or lay it out carefully. You can prepare food or cook a meal.

When you welcome someone you love, you make an extra effort, including not just using any ordinary oil. It’s why Vandemoortele's new baseline is the “Fine oils for fine people”. Look and learn how the young couple in this commercial show their love. This new Vandemoortele campaign is on TV and social media.


  • Creative Director

    Jan Dejonghe
    Arnaud Pitz
    Sebastien De Valck

  • Art Direction

    Cristina Gesulfo
    Klaartje Galle

  • Copywriting

    Vincent De Roose
    Regine Smetz

  • Strategy

    Jan Van Brakel

  • Content Strategist

    Jonas Helsen

  • Account Team

    Isabel Peeters
    Michelle Stas
    Isabel Demuynck
    Jolien Noppen

  • Social

    Eva Jult
    Britt De Valck

  • TV Producer

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove
    Renée Vermeire

  • Video Editor

    Ben Billen

  • Editing Director

    Neil Skeet

  • Graphic Design

    Nadia Tweepenninckx

  • Third Parties