P&V and BBDO dive into a new adventure together

The world is digitizing at a rapid pace, and human contact is becoming rarer. This also applies to the insurance world. Chances that you get into contact with a human are getting smaller.

As a cooperative company, P&V decides to swim against the current by putting its advisors at the center of the customer experience. They are not just names in a brochure, but people of flesh and blood, who know their customers personally and support them in all aspects of their lives.

Based on that insight, we launched a new campaign in which we follow the adventures of Pascal, one of P&V's 400 advisors. Pascal is like you and me and leads a normal life, with ups and downs, with pleasant and less pleasant surprises. And that’s why he is the right person to offer us insurance solutions tailored to our needs. Because P&V advisors are “Assureurs mais humains avant tout” / “Verzekeraars maar bovenal mensen”. So, no story is too crazy for the P&V advisors, and they will listen with attention and empathy.

“We are extremely proud of this campaign and the new slogan of the P&V brand. Proud, because the slogan is directly inspired by our advisors. By listening to them and observing how they interact with their customers on a daily basis. It is not just a baseline, but it’s our reality, and a strong asset of our network. This campaign was inspired by them and is completely dedicated to them,” says Thierry Ballas, Head of Marketing Communication P&V Group.

The campaign runs on TV, cinema and digital media. P&V will be present continuously from March to December.

But enough talking: time to dive into Pascal's first adventure. In this first episode we see how Pascal finds his house flooded after a holiday at the sea. And it looks quite spectacular, so we'll let you discover it for yourself.

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  • Client


  • Contact

    Thierry Ballas
    Denis Reinier

  • Agency


  • Creative Director

    James Gambrill
    Marc Richard Vander Heyden
    Antoinette Ribas

  • Creatives

    Loup Delpierre
    Louise Cornet
    Massimo De Pascale
    François Massinon

  • NL copywriter

    Philippe Mertens

  • Strategy

    Fons Van Dyck
    Carola Michiels

  • Account Team

    Pascal Kemajou
    Emmy Haegeman
    Helena Van Lyl

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Sound engineer

    Mathieu Schots

  • Editor SoMe

    Neil Skeet

  • Production company


  • Director

    Bart Timmer

  • Executive Producer

    Eurydice Gysel

  • Producer

    Lander Engels

  • DOP

    Ruben Impens

  • Art Direction


  • Special Effects

    Movie Fx

  • Set Photographer

    Toon Aerts

  • Editor

    Manu Van Hove

  • Grading

    Olivier Ogneux

  • Online VFX & Graphics

    Dries Derycke