William Lawson’s Highlander Games

How do you position William Lawson’s as a brand that stands for full blown naked confidence?

How do you improve the William Lawson’s image amongst young men?

Whiskey. Young men think it’s too serious, dusty or posh. William Lawson wanted to reach this difficult to convince target audience, so the brand could work on its brand image. Goal: letting young men perceive William Lawson’s as a brand that stands for full blown naked confidence.

You challenge them to join the clan of the highlanders...

How do you convince young men to forget about their beer? And make them see whiskey coke as a good alternative to drink with their mates? Answer: you challenge them to join the clan of the mythic William Lawson’s highlanders during the highlander happenings.

...through a geo-targeted digital campaign + native advertising

A series of 3 online videos that showed the naked confidence of the highlanders was broadcasted through a well-balanced and geo-targeted digital campaign. Inviting all young guys to turn into men during a William Lawson’s happening in their own town. We reached our target in a credible way through native advertising.


Join the clan? Nail your boxers and put on a kilt

Now how could these boys turn into men? How could they join the clan? Simple: they left their boxers, nailed them on our board, put on a kilt and became part of our WL highlander clan. A bold choice to make, that our new clan-members loved to share on their social channels.

Result: 7765 people attended our Highlander Happenings

  • 31 bars participated.
  • 53 visited locations.
  • 7765 people % attended our Highlander Happenings.
  • More than 200 new highlanders put their boxers on the wall.

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  • Strategy

    Bart De Leeuw

  • Concept

    Gaetan Gomez Garcia
    Gregory Verheyleweghen

  • Creative director

    Sebastien De Valck

  • Account handling

    Tom Verdeyen

  • Social Strategist

    Stefan Ceunen

  • Copywriting

    Jan Schraeyen

  • RTV Production

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Third parties