Don’t hide your migraine

BBDO and GSK organise the 6th Week of Migraine

“5 out of 10 Belgians who have migraine, try to hide their episodes.”

This the insight with which we created the campaign to enhance the disease awareness around migraine in Belgium.

How did the campaign come to life ?

We conducted one-to-one interviews with 6 patients, drafting of profiles, finetuning testimonials and using the footage across different channels to enhance awareness. The PR campaign was kicked it off with a round table debate including expert doctors, focus group ambassadors a spokesperson from one of the business partners the representative from APB.

During the week of migraine

We setup a roadshow during the Week of Migraine In 5 major cities and large partnering companies. The Migraine Experience truck shows an impactful story simulating a migraine attack by using sound and visual effects.

This resulted in 32.500 people witnessing the Migraine Experience truck , 15 journalists present at press conference and an overall obtained media value of about 730K €


  • Strategy

    Stephan Smets
    Bart De Leeuw

  • Concept

    Pierre Rousseau

  • Account Handling

    Kurt Cattoor
    Sanah Walravens-Hjiyer

  • Studio

    Petra Saelens

  • Print Production

    Thérèse Deru

  • RTV Production

    Jasper Heldenbergh

  • Video Team

    Jasper Vanhauwaert

  • Third parties