The National Cry for Help

The National Cry for Help, a campaign for the Child Poverty Fund

How do we raise awareness for child poverty on a national level?

Our client gave us a call.

One out of ten Belgian children is born in poverty. The Child Poverty Fund battles this problem. They asked us to come up with a powerful message to make parents more aware of this problem and to gather more donations.

So we made this happen.

What sound is more powerful than babies crying? That’s why we interrupted every Flemish TV and radio channel simultaneously during prime time with this unexpected ‘noise’. And we took people in public places by surprise. The call to action: support the battle against child poverty in Belgium.

And this was the result.

In no time, this campaign was the talk of the town. And in just two days 350,000 euro was raised

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  • Concept

    Michiel Baeten
    Frédéric Delouvroy

  • Creative director

    Sebastien De Valck
    Arnaud Pitz

  • Account handling

    Florien Vanderperren
    Sandra Wille

  • Radio production

    Nicolas Van Poecke

  • Video production

    Nicolas Van Poecke