Together, VDAB and BBDO create a TV adventure

On Monday 4 April, VTM will launch a brand new programme, ‘Blind Gesprongen’.

In it five candidates will change jobs for a new career, without knowing where they’ll end up. BBDO was one of the backers of the programme, which originated as an ambitious pitch idea. The agency has developed a communication campaign for VDAB that supports the theme of the programme.

Joke Van Bommel, VDAB spokesperson: “BBDO got the assignment to develop a campaign to get people’s careers moving forward, and this for a broad working-age target group. The agency surprised us with their striking and creative idea to create a TV programme instead of a classic campaign. It was a crazy idea, but it fully met our needs.”

VDAB met with DPG Media, who immediately saw the potential. Thereafter Geronimo was hired to produce the programme, in close cooperation with all parties. BBDO also designed the entire communication campaign for VDAB, which is linked to the programme and in the coming weeks BBDO will handle the (digital) media plan and the elaboration of it on TV, in social media, native advertising and activation.

“Over the past months we have been working together with VDAB, DPG Media and Geronimo on the development of the programme that started as an ambitious pitch idea to get people in Flanders more excited about taking control of their careers,” explains BBDO Chief Strategy Officer Sofie Verstreken. “We are over the moon that it is now actually going on air.”

The Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture, Hilde Crevits also supports the programme and underlines its importance: “The BIG Job Switch shows people how VDAB works in real life and how they can develop their competences and talents.”

The result is a fascinating quest for five people who change careers. A team of four experts take the professional fate of the candidates in hand and look for the ideal job for them. Once the experts examine the different options, and come to an agreement, the presenter Nora Gharib takes the blindfolded candidates to their new workplace. It’s only when they take their blindfolds off that they know where their professional future lies and what they will earn.

The BIG Job Switch, from Monday 4 April 2022 at 21:55 on VTM and on VTMGO.


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