BBDO & Pearle repeat themselves

You know when you achieved particularly good results with your previous campaign, and moreover won an Effie ... well you do it again, duh!

In 2019, Pearle and BBDO will again use its “that moment when” concept, including the closing “duh”. This time the ‘totally’ recognizable situations receive the gif treatment on both social and also on TV. The goal is to create even more impact and to rejuvenate the brand. The new Pearle gifs will be broadcast on TV and radio, and also be available on social channels. Or just check them out on GIPHY, duh!


  • Client

    Pearle Opticiens

  • Contacts

    Johan Van Der Straeten
    Ann Van De Velde
    Astrid Van Der Heyden

  • Agency


  • CD

    Jan Dejonghe

  • Creative Teams

    Sarah Huysmans & Jasper Verleije
    Gregory Verheyleweghen, Vincent De Roose

  • Social creative

    Paulien De Clercq

  • Strategic Planner

    Michael D’hooge

  • Account Team

    Lieve Raymaekers
    Anouck Dolphens
    Gaël Ghysels

  • Design

    Davy Dooms

  • Agency TV producer

    Renée Vermeire

  • Agency Post producer

    Leslie Verbist

  • Editor TV & social content

    BBDO productions
    Dejvi Vandeveire

  • Director

    Benny Vandendriessche

  • Producer

    Filip Vangeffelen
    Mathias Kerner

  • Sound & music


  • Radio production company

    BBDO Productions

  • Radio Producer

    Nicolas Van Poeck