BBDO and Lidl launch an imperfect campaign

No one is perfect, so what? That’s the slogan of the newest Lidl campaign by BBDO.

Most supermarkets tell their customers to adopt a balanced diet, watch it with the calories, and consider the eco-score and nutritional score of their purchases … In short: to be perfect. Lidl wants to be a counterbalance and reassures its customers by telling them it’s ok to bend the rules occasionally.

For the TV spot, BBDO adopted all the codes of commercials where food plays the lead: a soft voice over, seductive copy, ingredients that seem to escape gravity for a second, accompanied by opera music by Maria Callas ...

Except, this story doesn't end at all as you might expect. 

And to reassure parents even more, Lidl reinforced this campaign with radio spots, posters and social media using the same mechanism.
Yes, it’s a simple idea. So what?


  • Client


  • Contacts

    Boudewijn van den Brand
    Hendrik Van Wilderode
    Ifke Nauwelaerts
    Julie Longerstay
    Lien Van Hoorebeke
    Emmelie Mouton

  • CD

    Jan Dejonghe

  • Creation

    Gregory Verheyleweghen
    Gaetan Gomez Garcia

  • Creation NL

    Simon Van Backlé
    Thibault Jacobs

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Producer

    Amélie Van Campen

  • Photography

    The Pickles

  • Producer photography

    Camille Cieters

  • Film Production Company


  • Executive producer

    Cho Kuo

  • Director

    Fred De Loof

  • DOP

    Thomas Buelens

  • Post producer

    Hervé Closset

  • Editor TV

    Patrice Gautot

  • Grading

    Tom Mulder

  • Editor social edits

    Anton Ceuppens

  • Grading social edits

    Anton Ceuppens

  • Sound engineers

    Mathieu Schots
    Jeremy Vettorel

  • Final Art

    David Vanderbist

  • Strategic planner

    Kim Leunen

  • Account team

    Eva De Gendt
    Michelle Stas
    Cato Samyn
    Laura Declercq
    Margot Pévenage