WOW, the things you're capable of with VDAB!

BBDO and VDAB want to show people that with the help of VDAB, they can turn their unique set of skills into a job.

People tend to have no idea what they are capable of. We all have a quite impressive skill set, even if you’re not aware of it. And with the right guidance, coaching and support from VDAB, you can easily turn those skills into a (new) job.

Because even if you have your doubts about your professional direction, with VDAB you have a wide range of possibilities to find your career path. And that range is exactly what we show in the TV commercials for this campaign. The viewer is guided through the many different options they have, without losing overview.

The campaign targets people who are currently not professionally active. We tailored four distinct stories to four different subgroups within that target audience. The campaign came to life on TV, in movie theatres, on radio, social and OOH.

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  • Client


  • Contacts

    Shaireen Aftab
    Agnes Hendrickx
    Gert De Buck
    Hans Maenhout

  • Agency

    BBDO Belgium

  • CCO

    Eva De Gendt

  • Strategic Planner

    Els Raemdonck

  • Account team

    Caroline D'Haens
    Valentine Reuse
    Ilse Willems

  • CD

    Marc Richard Vander Heyden
    Jan Dejonghe

  • Creation

    Sven Pede
    Louise Windels
    Luc Shih
    Thomas Thysens
    Stephen Walckiers
    Ramin Afshar
    Danny Vissers

  • Head of Design

    James Gambrill

  • Graphic Design

    Nadia Tweepenninckx
    Piet Boeykens

  • Copywriting

    Philippe Mertens
    Bram Van Moorhem

  • Social creative

    Justine Ravyts

  • Head of Media

    Pieter Vermeersch

  • Digital Campaign Executive

    Dorien Busselot

  • Head of Print Production

    Hans Bos

  • Head of Final Art

    Tom Nackaerts

  • Final Art

    David Vanderbist
    Daniela Simons

  • Retouche

    Tom Vandewiele

  • Head of RTV

    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • RTV Producers

    Eva Segers

  • Sound

    BBDO Productions

  • Sound Engineer

    Mathieu Schots

  • Directors

    Julien & Quentin

  • DOP

    Sander Vandenbroucke

  • Editing

    Robin De Praetere

  • Executive producers

    Ruben Goots
    Jason Felstead
    Mathias Kerner

  • Line Producer

    Pim Verhaert

  • Art Direction


  • Styling

    Isabel Van Renterghem

  • Casting

    Le Quartier

  • Post producer

    Dominique Ruys

  • Grading

    Julien Alary

  • VFX Post House


  • VFX supervisor

    Jan Daghelinckx

  • Online


  • Fotografie

    Marie-Amélie Journel