Jupiler aime aime la vie

The most important thing — if you love life? Not to put it in danger by drinking and driving.

Jupiler puts a party and a moment shared with friends above the notion of drinking. The fact is you don’t have to drink alcohol to have fun anymore. Because why would you endanger your life if you love it so much?

As part of a campaign against excessive alcohol consumption, Jupiler & BBDO launched a spot that will be broadcasted in cinemas, on social networks and digital out of home. The project, made in collaboration with the singer Arno and the group Triggerfinger, riffs on the song “J’aime la vie” by Sandra Kim in an original way. 

In the commercial, we see young people partying. After a few moments, we watch, anxiously, as one of them sits behind the wheel of a car and drives home. Arno’s words “J’aime la vie” are still clear in our heads … we hold our breath until ... we discover that they've been drinking the non-alcoholic beer Jupiler 0.0% the whole evening.

Who ever said you need to drink to party hard?


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