BBDO goes to Peking for Q2

A new season of the much talked-about TV series - Peking Express - is the highlight of Q2’s springtime schedule.

BBDO’s campaign for Medialaan has a double purpose: trigger people to follow the program right from the start and depict Q2 as a channel for adventurous viewers.

The campaign line “No one knows where the adventure ends, only where it starts” fits in perfectly with the DNA of Q2 and Peking Express. To show the unexpected and unpredictable adventure of the candidates’ trajectory in the TV spot, we used a reverse filming technique. Apart from the execution on TV, print and online, a radio activation on Qmusic will emphasize the hitchhiking, one of the program’s most important elements.

The launch campaign has been running since 23/03 and the first Peking Express episode will soon air on Q2. So if you want to know how the adventure ends, don’t miss the beginning...


  • Strategy

    Wouter Van den Herrewegen

  • Creative Director

    Klaartje Galle

  • Creation

    Jutta Callebaut
    Girbe Bogaerts

  • Account Team

    Evelyn Savels
    Kurt Cattoor
    Daniel Schots

  • TV Producer

    Patricia Van de Kerckhove
    Renée Vermeire

  • Third parties