Novartis together with Basic-Fit introduce the aBC challenge

The campaign aims to stimulate social contact among women with aBC (Advanced Breast Cancer).

Research shows that 63% of breast cancer patients feel that nobody understands what they are going through. Therefore, social isolation is not far away. Patients' families and friends often consciously seek less contact in the belief that breast cancer patients should rest as much as possible.

aBC Challenge

BBDO discovered contrary to what people think, staying fit and exercising improves your quality of life and even enhances your life expectancy. We came up with the idea to launch a new fitness series by offering aBC people a customised fitness program: the aBC challenge.

We contacted Tacha Hoeck, a passionate fitness star and breast cancer patient, who worked out a tailor-made program for fellow sufferers. “Participants should not swing their arms during any exercise. Breast cancer patients often have painful or less flexible arms because of the radiation," explains Tacha.

The reveal

To launch the program, Tacha invited some unsuspecting athletes to attend the first aBC challenge. And we invited influencers to witness this spectacle. At the end of the session, she announced her medical condition and explained the true nature of the aBC challenge. Leaving all participants in shock but with great respect.

We captured this extra-ordinary event and used it as teasing video on social media. Making the general public aware of aBC and its prejudice. But more importantly, motivating everyone to invite people who are ill, to start exercising together.

The first real aBC sessions take place at the Levensloop event of 13 October in Brussels. And there are many to follow.

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