Spring starts with you and Libelle

We created a TVC that shows Libelle is so much more than just a magazine, and showcase all it’s other sources of inspiration.

Tips to bring spring into your interior or get your garden spring ready come from the ‘Groenkalender’ that is distributed with the magazine. The clothing spring collection from e5, and the recipes and tabeldecoration from libelle-lekker.be.
The commercial shows the story of a conspiracy between mother and daughters getting ready for spring on a typical rainy day. The father of the household doesn’t really get it until the next day when he opens up the window to see that spring has arrived.

This campaign is being enforced online by a number of spin-offs on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and directs every target group directly to the online-platforms of Libelle.


  • Creative director

    Klaartje Galle

  • Creative team

    Frederik Clarysse
    Gertjan Desmet

  • Account handling

    Isabel Peeters
    Lore Desmet
    Axelle Cannaert

  • Digital & Social strategist

    Jesse Doncker

  • Social

    Thomas Jossa
    Paulien De Clercq

  • Agency production

    Renée Vermeire
    Patricia Van De Kerckhove

  • Editing director

    Neil Skeet

  • Design

    Davy Dooms

  • Third parties