Lidl pops the big question on radio

Lidl and BBDO offer consumers a shortcut to answer the most important question of the day.

You hear it every day. In your own head or asked by someone in your family. For 8 out of 10 families, it’s without doubt the most frequently asked question. What are we eating today?

The answer is increasingly driven by supermarket promos. BBDO is now capitalising on this trend for Lidl. With a new series of radio spots and online video ads, they offer consumers a handy shortcut in their thinking process. Because with Lidl's promos, it is immediately clear which fresh dish you’re putting on the table today.

And for those who love a good glass of wine or an interesting non-food promo, Lidl answers the important questions of life too. With variations like ‘What are we drinking today?’ and ‘What are we planting today?’, the concept is flexible enough to bring all possible promos to consumers in a catchy way. Lidl and BBDO apologise in advance for the earworm.

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