Lidl brings the market sensation to you in its freshest campaign for its fruit and vegetable range.

Everyone knows it, the weekly market in the village square. A nostalgic place where the air is filled with chants of vendors proudly advertising their goods, mixed with an irresistible smell of freshly grown vegetables and ripe fruit. You can already taste the offerings before you with your eyes, a delightful sensation. It's this feeling that Lidl brings to you in its freshest campaign for its fruit and vegetable range.

Through radio, online videos and a TV spot, you will meet a Lidl employee who is so proud of Lidl's fresh range of fruit and vegetables that they advertise their goods just like a true market vendor. “Radiantly fresh and at a price that will make everyone happy!” And that's no lie, at Lidl you will find fresh produce every day at the lowest market price!

In addition, Lidl wants to take its customers on a journey through their story and their way of working to achieve this daily. In a transparent content format, you get a fresh look behind the scenes of how fresh produce makes its way from field to shop. And how Lidl, thanks to close cooperation with its growers, can offer the lowest market prices.

Lidl also showcases the freshness and the corresponding lowest market prices of their products in OOH, DOOH, social media, radio spots and online videos.

And those who happened to visit Antwerp Central station were lucky enough to taste a slice from our fresh selection at the one and only Lidl market stall.

Turn up, for the freshest produce at the lowest prices!

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